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Let Me Shoulder the Burden Of Your Florida Property Damage Claim REQUEST A FREE CONSULTATION

Storm Damage Claims Attorney in Lakeland, Florida

Get the Representation You Need After a Natural Disaster Occurs

Hurricanes, windstorms, tornadoes, lightning, hail, fallen trees—all of these destructive events are usually covered under most individual and commercial property insurance policies. Losses from these types of claims can leave your home or business in shambles and, oftentimes, with no place for you and your family to live. For businesses, losses from claims like these can mean substantial lost profits and, in the worst cases, the end of your business.

If you've suffered losses due to a natural disaster, you shouldn't have to navigate the claims process alone. So don't—put an experienced attorney on your side. At Stewart Law Firm, P.A., I provide dedicated advocacy to individuals dealing with the damage left behind by storms in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Orlando, Tampa, and throughout Polk County, Florida. Schedule a free initial consultation with me today to discuss your options and get the guidance you need to start moving forward.

For Advice During the Claims Process

Reach Out For a Free Consultation

Contact my firm today to determine if your insurance company is properly responding to your claim. If not, I am prepared to provide free advice on what you may be able to do to get your insurance company to respond properly. If that doesn't work, I'm ready and willing to represent you in negotiations or in trial if need be. In addition to storm damage claims, I handle cases involving water and fire damage.

Schedule a free initial consultation with Stewart Law Firm, P.A. today to start seeking the compensation you need to move forward. From my office in Lakeland, Florida, I proudly represent individuals in the surrounding areas of Winter Haven, Orlando, Tampa, and throughout Polk County. Together, we can strive to put your life back together after storm damage threatens to tear it apart.