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When Outside Forces Destroy Your Property
Don't Let Insurance Giants
Cause Even More Damage
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Insurance Claims Attorney in Lakeland, Florida Serving the Entire State

Bradford Stewart

Bradford Stewart

Attorney at Law

Prior to my career in law, I worked as an insurance adjuster and as an executive for a large transportation company, where I handled its insurance claims. When I noticed a shift in the industry that prioritized profits over people, I made the conscious decision to enroll in law school so I could help my fellow Floridians fight for the benefits they deserved. Since earning my J.D. in 2005, I have proudly defended clients in their claims against their insurance companies. Reach out to me if you've experienced devastating property damage. I represent homeowners and commercial property owners statewide, including those in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Orlando, Tampa.


After Disastrous Property Damage

Discover how I can help you pick up the pieces and start moving forward.

Storm Damage

Florida is known for some of the worst storms on the continent. Unfortunately, many insurance companies attempt to lowball their clients when a storm destroys their residential property or commercial property. When you contact me at Stewart Law Firm, P.A., I'll be here to provide you with legal advice on what your next moves should be to get fair compensation for your losses.

Water Damage

Some of the worst types of water damage are not due to natural causes. Many property owners face challenges with indoor plumbing issues that cause severe water damage. If your insurance provider has failed to offer you the amount you need to cover your losses, reach out to my office in Lakeland, Florida. I'm ready to help you pursue the full benefits you deserve.

Fire Damage

It's no secret that fire can cause irreparable damage. Repairing your home or business after a fire may seem nearly impossible, but with the right amount of compensation, you can work to get your home or office back to its original state. I'm well versed in fire damage claims, and I'm able to help you fight for the compensation you need to restore your most important investment.

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Dedicated Advocacy When You Need it Most

If you are a Florida resident, you are familiar with the damaging effects of tropical storms, hurricanes, and floods. These devastating events can destroy homes and businesses within minutes, leaving you to pick up the pieces. If your residential or commercial property has recently endured damage due to severe weather or a fire, reach out to a knowledgeable insurance claims attorney.

At Stewart Law Firm, P.A., I offer skilled legal representation to clients dealing with unfair insurance companies. I'm prepared to do everything I can to help you seek the best possible outcome to your claim. With my background in the insurance industry, I understand how the claims process works. Discover how I can be your advocate after storm, water, or fire damage affects your property.

During this difficult time in your life, you deserve an attorney who will listen to your needs and carefully examine all the facts to find the best solution. I have spent years advocating for clients in their property damage claims. I'm ready to use my experience to help you fight for fair compensation. You don’t have to do it all on your own. Team up with an attorney who truly cares about your future.

When your residential or commercial property has been destroyed by forces outside of your control, you're overwhelmed enough. Don't let your insurance provider make things even harder. Contact me at Stewart Law Firm, P.A. in Lakeland, Florida, for a free consultation. I proudly defend clients statewide, including those in Winter Haven, Orlando, Tampa, and Polk County.